Kavre, February 2

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota today accused private schools of commercialising education in the country.

Addressing the 13th Kavre District Conference of Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation Nepal in Dhulikhel, Minister Baskota argued that children’s command over English language was not a measure of quality education. He asked the private school owners and investors to halt commercialisation of education.

Noting that up to Rs 0.5 million was charged by a school for enrolment in nursery, Minister Baskota alleged that private schools were only interested in making money.

“Majority of private and community schools have prepared students only for labour in the Gulf countries,” Baskota charged. Baskota claimed that temples of knowledge had become the hub of business and commerce.

“If you stop commercialisation of education, the government will work with the private sector to provide quality education in the country,” he stated. He clarified that the government might padlock private schools if they did not mend their ways.

Baskota stressed the need to lay focus on creative and pragmatic approach to learning. “Those securing highest possible grades in SEE from private schools have performed miserably at the higher level. This speaks volume that they are just focusing on rote learning. This needs to change,” he added.

Meanwhile, Baskota inaugurated Panauti Cup Football Tournament in Panauti today. Minister Baskota said sports had connected people from all walks of life.