Minister Baskota pledges security for journos

Pokhara, July 28

Minister for Communications and Information Gokul Baskota today said that the government would be more sensitive and responsible towards the security of journalists.

Speaking at an interaction programme organised by Kaski chapter of Federation of Nepali Journalists, Minister Baskota said it was the responsibility of journalists to provide factual news to the people. “The government will now take stern action against those who attack journalists for their news,” he added.

Baskota pledged that the government would not seize the rights enjoyed by journalists. He said, “Both private and government-owned media should pay the same minimum wage to journalists. However,  it is not possible to fix Rs 40,000 minimum wage. We shall determine appropriate minimum wage,” Baskota stated.

He advised media houses to grow and develop professionally as the government could not continue supporting them with welfare advertisements.

Baskota said the government had formed Media Council to manage media. He said online media too would be brought under the purview of communications policy.