Minister caught in stampede

UDAYAPUR: Cadres of the UCPN-Maoist clashed with police in a programme attended by Minister for Health and Population Umakanta Chaudhari in Beltar today. Minister Chaudhari was attending a function after laying foundation stone of Primary Health Centre Maternal Home in Beltar Bazaar.

The police clashed with the demonstrators as they started to chant slogan against the minister. Police had urged demonstrators to step back before using force against them. But as the crowd surged forward and started pelting stones, the police fired three rounds of tear gas shell. The police also detained 12 Maoist cadres.

The clash between the police and the Maoist cadres later resulted in a stampede.

Addressing the programme albeit late Minister Chaudhari said, "The Maoists are trying to impose totalitarianism in country."