Minority stir cripples life in Morang, Sunsari

Biratnagar, October 16:

The Muslim community went on a strike from today to pressure the government to meet

its six-point charter of demands.

The strike brought life to a halt in parts of Morang and Sunsari districts.

Vehicular movement came to a halt in Sunsari’s Inaruwa, Khanar, Narsingha, Ramnagar Bhutaha, Kaptangunj and Devangunj.

The agitators have urged the state to declare people killed in a recent mosque blast in Saraichiya martyrs, provide Rs 1 million to each bereaved family, provide free health service to each blast victim, and make arrangements for security of mosques and madrasas.

Morang CDO Madhav Prasad Regmi said a process has been initiated to declare Khursid, who died in the blast, a martyr, adding that security of the mosques had been tightened.

The Muslims had taken out a silent rally here yesterday. Imam Haider, a Muslim leader, said their strike would be peaceful.

The Nepal Defence Army had triggered four blasts in the Saraichiya-based Jame mosque, Sunsari’s Sitagunj mosque and Pauthiya mosque. Three people were killed in the blasts.

In a press release, Japhar Jamali, vice-president of the struggle committee, blamed the government for not doing enough to provide security to the Muslim community at a time when serial blasts have been carried out targeting the community.