The Ministry of Health and Population has released a list containing contact details of healthcare facilities and health professionals for Covid-19 patients in Home Isolation, to seek advise.

The contact details of doctors and healthcare facilities have been provided so that those in home isolation can remotely seek relevant treatment and consultation regarding their condition.

"Covid-19 patients in Home Isolation can reach out to specialists in following numbers in case of need for consultation, treatment or any related services," the ministry said.

Details of the list

S.N. Organisation Doctor's Name N.M.C Number Contact number Remarks
1 B&B Hospital Dr. Deependrakarki ,MBBS,MD 6844 9801301154
Dr. Phillip Shyam Ranjit MBBS,MD 7312 9801301159
2 MIDAS Technologies Dr. Bhupendra Sharma MBBS 23090 9861905710
Dr. Parashuram Ghimire MBBS,MD 12584 9802338075
Dr. Roshan DhakaI MBBS,MD 7232 9849257844
Dr. Kavi Rai MBBS,MD 6812 9841286944
Dr. Priyanka Gupta MBBS,MS(ENT) 10337 9849221720
Dr. swati Kumari MBBS,MD(OBG/GYNE) 15422 9860862562
Dr. Mohan Khadka MBBS,MD(URO) 12588 9860980699
3 Manosarobar Health care Dr. Kanchan DahaI MBBS, MD(PSYCHIATRY) 7302 9842052310 For
Dr. Alok Jha MBBS, MD 9299 9851137538 Psychiatry
Dr. Sushi! Samadarshi MBBS,MD 11576 9841282674 consultation
Dr. Namrata Pradhan MBBS,MD 12609 9851135500
Dr. Subodh DahaI MBBS,MD 10858 9802367769
Dr. Bibek Subedi MBBS,MD 12130 9861366265
Dr. Sudan Karmacharya MBBS,MD 15035 9860688043
4 DANPHE CARE Dr. Prabhat Adhikari MBBS 6754 9843003527
Dr. Suyas Timilsina MBBS 23102 9841926868
Dr. Yagya Timilsina MBBS 23017 9802314743

The provision has been made to facilitate required treatment for covid patients from home, without having to travel, while also limiting crowds at health care facilities which are already overwhelmed with the heavy influx of patients with soaring infection rate in the country.

The Health Ministry had, on Monday, shared information on emergency contact units for various Covid related issues.