Morang has 81,862 new voters

Biratnagar, August 22

The voter list that is being updated by the regional Election Office in Biratnagar, Morang, has added 81,862 new voters.

With the new additions, the total number of voters in the district has reached 656,362. Of them, a total of 41,478 women, 40,383 men and one third gender updated their names in the list that was being prepared in the past month.

Regional Election Officer Prem Prasad Sanjel said as many as 10,339 voters were included from Sundarharaicha Municipality while only 1,118 voters had registered their names from Jahada Rural Municipality. Similarly, a total of 14,103 voters registered their names at the regional office, 4,795 at Kanepokhari Rural Municipality, 6,780 at Patharisanishchare Municipality, 3,440 voters at Miklajung Rural Municipality and 6,724 voters at Urlabari Municipality registered their names.

Likewise, 2,136 voters at Dhanpalsthan, 3,060 voters at Sunbarshi Rural Municipality, 3,934 voters at Rangeli Municipality and 2,506 voters at Budhiganga Rural Municipality respectively registered their names. Besides, 3,734 voters updated their list at Ratuwamai Municipality, 2,774 voters at Gramthan Rural Municipality, 1,763 voters at Katahari Rural Municipality, 2,952 voters at Kerabari Rural Municipality, 8,311 voters at Belbari Municipality and 3,393 voters at Letang Rural Municipality have registered their names in the list.