More women including minor girls committing suicide in Bara district

  • A total of 105 suicides have taken place in the district in the last fiscal

Bara, August 13

According to reports, as many as 149 women including 18 minor girls have committed suicide in the past three years in Bara district.

The data revealed by Nepal Police showed that there has been an increase in the rate of suicide among women in the district. It also reveals that the number of women committing suicide is more than that of the men.

In the fiscal 2015-16, a total of 74 people committed suicide, out of which 44 were women, including five minors and 36 males had killed themselves.

Likewise, a total of 86 people committed suicide in the fiscal 2016-17. Of them, 45 were women, including six minor girls while 41 were males.

In the fiscal 2017-18, a total of 105 people committed suicide, out of which 60 were women and 45 men, including 18 minor girls and six minor boys.

A total of 616 criminal cases were filed with the police, out of which 119 were related to deaths, of which, 105 were suicide cases. “Domestic violence, negative impact of foreign employment, poverty and crisis have been found as the major causes for growing incidents of suicide,” said DSP Ranjit Singh Rathaur at DPO Bara.

Senior journalist Gokul Ghorsaine said that frustration, harassment, failure, poverty, chronic disease, domestic violence and torture, among others, might be the causes of suicide. “However, people do not bother to find a solution to their problem so as to prevent them from committing suicide. Some people find suicide as the ultimate solution to all problems facing them despite trying some other options,” he added.

Former Informal Service Centre (INSEC) Bara Coordinator Laxmi Sah said family hassles, unsuccessful love affair, divorce, physical attack or torture might be the main factors behind the suicide. “However, there is lack of law to take proper action against person/s compelling people to commit suicide in Nepal. There is no concrete plan or policy to mitigate incidents of suicide in Nepal Police as well. I have heard that the new law meant to be implemented from next week has provisions for identifying the cause of suicide,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police Rathaur.