Multiple landslides obstruct Narayangadh-Muglin road again

CHITWAN: Multiple landslides have obstructed the Narayangadh-Muglin road again on Sunday afternoon as rainfall continued unabated in Chitwan District.

The Muglin Area Police Post said a major landslide in Kalikhola, Darechok-4 of the district has obstructed the vital road connecting the East-West Highway with Kathmandu.

Likewise, engineer Shiva Khanal from the Narayangadh-Muglin Road Project said another landslide at Muglin junction has also obstructed the road.

A tree has fallen onto the road along with land masses, completely obstructing the road, Khanal said.

Some other points of the road toward Narayangadh from Kalikhola have been reportedly hit by other landslides.

According to Khanal, the number of landslides has exceeded a dozen.

Security personnel are yet to reach those points as they have not cleared the landslide debris and reopened the road at Kalikhola, according to police.

Kalikhola is four kilometre away Muglin.

Meanwhile, Khanal said the road is unlikely to reopen till Monday morning as the rainfall has continued unabated and excavator operators are reluctant to work during rain as boulders may fall onto them while clearing the debris.

Hundreds of vehicles have stranded halfway due to the obstructions.

The road section has been frequently obstructed due to landslides this monsoon an road expansion project was running along the road just few months ago.