Musahar community becoming socially aware

Bardibas, August 11

People from Musahar community in DotharaLoharpatti Municipality-5 of Mahottari are becoming socially aware of late.

People from the community, who mostly work as labourers, have started showing interest in educating their children and seem concerned about their personal hygiene and maintaining sanitation.

They have started sending their children to schools with the financial support of Nepal Red Cross Society Mahottari. With growing awareness about the health and hygiene, they are also constructing toilets.

People of this community  do not own any land and work on others field. This is one of the least aware communities socially and politically.

JanakiSharanSaha, a province member, said with continuous efforts of social organisations this community is gradually appearing in the public.

In recent time, Red Cross Mahottari conducted a training on leadership development, livelihood, drinking water and sanitation for them.

The children of Musahar families affected by the floods last year have been provided educational materials, including school bags.

In order to run livelihood programmes, Red Cross provided Rs 15,000 to each family. As a result, some have opened grocery shops while some making bamboo baskets and some other have started goat farming.

A member of the community, Shiva Sada, said, “The assistance has helped us do something for livelihood. It has made us realise that we are also the members of the society.”

There are some 33,000 Musahar people in the district. So far, only 15 people from this community have passed SEE.