Mystery disease forces school to remain shut

Jajarkot, February 13

With girl students collapsing in the classroom due to an unidentified disease, a school in Nalgadh Municipality has been shut for three weeks in Jajarkot.

Panchayabhar Secondary School of the municipality will remain shut for three weeks as girl students started trembling and collapsing abruptly in the last few days.

According to Hum Prakash Singh, the head teacher of the school, teaching-learning activities were adversely affected after the incident. According to Singh, at least 10 to 12 girls from Grade V to X were suffering from the mysterious disease every day. “Though the problem was seen in only one or two girls in the first few days, it started spreading gradually. However, no boy has been affected by this disease so far,” said Singh.

After the incident, the school management sought help from shamans and doctors, but in vain. “We called shamans and performed puja at school but it did not make any difference. Then we called doctors but they also failed to solve the problem. Thus, we decided to shut the school for few days,” said Narayan Khatri, a member of the  School Management Committee.