NA personnel deployed at Jamunaha entry point

Nepalgunj, March 21

Nepali Army personnel have been mobilised at Nepalgunj’s Jamunaha entry point from today to prevent any possible transmission of coronavirus from across the border.

A health desk has already been set up here to screen anyone entering the country through the entry point.

According to Jamunaha Police Post In-charge Sub-inspector Madhav Rijal, anyone entering the country through the entry point is rigorously screened for any symptoms of COVID-19 by health workers equipped with infrared thermometers. “As per strict measures to prevent spread of COVID-19, all types of vehicles, even cycles, have been banned. And those trying to cross the border on foot are allowed to enter after a thorough screening,” said Rijal.

Meanwhile, six persons with COV- ID-19 symptoms have been referred to Bheri Hospital. “After they were recorded to have temperature beyond 101.4 degree Fahrenheit, six people were referred to Bheri Hospital,” said Nepalgunj sub-metropolis Health Officer Ram Bahadur Chand.

A joint team of Nepal Police, Indian SSB personnel and health workers have started patrolling along the border near the entry point from today, following reports that people were using unofficial routes along the open border to avoid strict screening at the entry point.

“As there were reports of people entering Nepal from India by using routes other than the entry point, we have started joint monitoring from today,” said Rijal.