The water level in Narayani River recorded a historic high as it reached 10.46 meters at around 10:50 pm on Tuesday.

The water current had increased to 16,455,000 liter per second during the time, according to the Nayarani Basin Office in Bharatpur.

The last known highest level of Narayani waters on August 5, 1974 when it had hit 10.1 meter with water current measured at 15,300 cubic meter per second.

The water levels in the river are being monitored and measured since 1962, wherein the water levels are recorded at the highest point on Tuesday crossing the danger line.

However, as per the latest update, the water levels have receded. Currently, three stations in Narayani River stand at warning level including one which has reached danger level.

The water level at Raughat Khola station at 11:20 am today was 5 metres and that at Kumalgaon, Kaligandaki station at 11: 30 am was 7 metres, both at warning level, while Devghat station recorded 9 metres of water level and is approaching danger level.

water level
water level