Nembang hopeful for timely statute

ILLAM: Constituent Assembly chairman Subash Chandra Nembang said on Friday that it is possible to complete the new statute in the given time if the political parties join their hands for consensus.

Speaking at a programme organised by Ilam Municipality, Nembang said that the work of constitution drafting is being delayed due to political parties. He added that the parties are indifferent on the major issues like state restructuring and form of governance, among others. However, he appreciated the efforts of the leaders of the political parties which are moving ahead in the positive direction.

Nembang reiterated that due to the structure of the CA, there is no alternative to consensus. He urged all the political parties to focus on the main agendas than their parties interests.

The CA chairman awarded two journalists Umesh Gurung and Kokila Dhakal Rs 5,000 each and an appreciation letter for their contribution to the district's tourism and environmental field.