The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has shared that Tropical Cyclone Tauktae that originated in Gujarat on Monday has started to weaken from last night.

It weakened into Deep Depression last night and has further weakened into Depression this morning, the Department said in a special bulletin issued today. It is currently moving north-northeast, passing through Rajasthan and is entering Uttar Pradesh, India.

Nepal is experiencing the direct effects of this Depression at present. On Sunday, the Department had issued another special bulletin sharing that the cyclone is developing in the Arabian Sea.

The weather system from the effect has further been activated in Nepal from Wednesday, generating the probability of generally to completely cloudy weather across the country.

Most places of Karnali, Sudur Pashchim, Gandaki and Lumbini Provinces, today till Friday, will receive light to medium rainfall while few places of these provinces will receive heavy rainfall due to the effect. Some places of Karnali and Sudur Pashchim Provinces will receive light rain today while some places of Karnali, Sudur Pashchim, Gandaki and Lumbini Provinces will receive heavy rainfall tomorrow.

Few places of Province 1, 2 and Bagmati Province will witness light to medium rainfall today while some places are expected to receive heavy rainfall in these areas.

The current season itself is not without chances of thunder, lightning and windstorm, or hailstorm. Hence, people are requested to take extra precaution, according to the Department.

It has also shared that many places of high mountainous region in the country are expecting light to medium snowfall. Few places of Karnali and Sudur Pashchim Provinces are expecting heavy snowfall and there is a probability of windstorm in high hilly regions.

Furthermore, the rivers and rivulets may see increment in waterflow in this period, hampering transportation.