The government's decision to open the main entry points of Banke district has yet to be implemented.

Nepali vehicles have been banned from entering India through Jamunaha Border of Nepalgunj. The vehicles used for supplying petroleum products and other vehicles could not move towards India from yesterday as the government decision was not implemented. However, heavy trucks from India were allowed to enter the country.

People were allowed to walk freely from the border.

Cycles, rickshaws, and motorcycles were however forbidden to ply along the entry points at the Nepalgunj border in Rupaidiya, India. Jamunaha entry point has become a parking lot as people on the Nepali side have parked their vehicles in Jamunaha and entered India.

The entry point has become unmanaged due to mismanaged parking on the road.

Border Area Police Office, Jamunaha, said the decision to open the border had not reached the office. Police said people could walk through the entry point, but vehicles were forbidden from entering India through the point. The order to open the border completely had not reached the office, said police.

Banke Chief District Officer Shiva Raj Gelal said no information on implementing the government decision had reached the office. "Nepal government's decision to open the border is right, but Indian central government has to understand that decision," he added.

A version of this article appears in the print on September 24 2021, of The Himalayan Times.