NC Chitwan picks 277 candidates for federal, state assemblies elections

CHITWAN: The Nepali Congress (NC) Chitwan has recommended the names of 277 individuals as potential candidates for the upcoming federal and state assemblies elections from the district. The proposed name list will be send to the party central committee for final decision.

Though the NC district body was told to pick up the names of 54 individuals by the NC central committee, it decided to send the names of all individuals aspiring to compete in the elections to the central committee for final nomination as it failed to shortlist the names of potential candidates, according to NC district secretary Uttam Joshi.

The proposed name list includes popular faces in the district to new ones. People who had already served as ministers and lawmakers including former Minister of State for Education Sheshnath Adhikari are in the name list of likely candidates for the federal elections.

Adhikari's name has been proposed for the constituency no. 2 while three lawmakers from the district —Ram Krishna Ghimire, Anjani Shrestha and Umesh Shrestha — have been recommended for the constituency no. 3.

Names of 21 individuals have been recommended for the federal elections towards the first-past-the-post (direct) election while the PR list includes the names of 28 candidates.

For the State Assemblies elections, the NC Chitwan has proposed the names of 75 candidates from three constituencies both A and B for the direct election while the names of 152 have been recommended towards the PR elections.

NC Chitwan district president Jeet Narayan Shrestha has been recommended for the State Assembly election from the constituency no. 2 towards the direct system.

The district has altogether three seats for the federal elections and six for the State Assembly elections taking place in coming November 26 and December 7.