NC questions speaker’s neutrality

Kathmandu, January 25

The Nepali Congress and its parliamentary party today opposed the passage of the National Medical Education Bill and vented its ire at Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara ‘for not acting neutrally’ in the House.

NC Spokesperson Bishwa Prakash Sharma organised a press conference at the party headquarters to oppose the passage of the bill while NC was obstructing the House proceedings.

Sharma said the passage of the bill exposed the government’s authoritarian ambitions.

Passage of the bill shows the speaker’s partisan behaviour, the NC said in its press release.

Sharma said the decision not to implement the agreement signed between Dr Govinda KC and the government at the initiative of the PM had eroded citizens’ faith in the PM.

Meanwhile, the NC parliamentary party called its emergency meeting and decided to intensify its protest against the passage of the bill and the government’s decision to scrap two hospitals named after Girija Prasad Koirala and Sushil Koirala.

It issued a release stating that the speaker, who was supposed to play a neutral role in the House acted in a partisan way to let the government pass the bill. It added that the NC would not tolerate any attempt to make the Parliament subservient to the government. The NC will soon publicise its programme to oppose the bill across Nepal. “We have decided to intensify our struggle to uphold constitutional spirit, democratic norms and the Parliament’s dignity,” the NC PP stated.

It also urged the government to save Dr KC’s life.