Laxmi Rayamajhi, a service provider in Sunaulo Parivar Nepal/Marie Stopes Nepal, has been recognised by Bill Gates in Gates Notes.

The Blog of Bill Gates’ has covered stories of seven people who have been providing care to the needy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Rayamajhi has been named as one of the heroes of the pandemic from Nepal. She has been providing birth control services in Kavre.

In Gates Notes, philanthropist Gates has highlighted extraordinary heroes from around the world who have been working to alleviate suffering during the pandemic.

“As humans we’re all limited in our physical powers. We don’t fly.

We can’t see through walls. But what’s unbounded in us is our ability to see injustices and to take them on — often at great risk to ourselves.”

Rayamajhi, a visiting service provider of the Long-Acting Reversible Contraception team from Kavre, has been highlighted as one of the extraordinary heroes. She hikes for hours over hazardous terrain, crossing rivers and landslides to reach the villages.

The pandemic has created a new obstacle in delivering sexual and reproductive health services to women. Many women seem reluctant to visit local health facilities due COVID fear.

“Rayamajhi has been trying to overcome these challenges and trying to reach out to the doorsteps of women to provide services.

She has been providing phone consultation for those not comfortable seeing her in-person,” read a press release issued by Sunaulo Parivar Nepal. “With my efforts, if women’s health gets better and creates a healthy impact in our communities, I will be grateful,” said Rayamajhi.