Nepal | September 19, 2019

New machine introduced to curb monkey menace in Syangja

Himalayan News Service

Pokhara, May 22

Mechanical and electronic engineers of Waling Municipality, Syangja, have adopted a new technique for driving away the monkeys and eliminating the threat posed by them.

The technicians working in Innovation Lab of the municipality have made a machine that can chase the monkeys away. As many as 11 scientists have been working in the lab.

Mayor Dillip Pratap Khand of the municipality said the new technology was introduced by  technical and electronic engineers at a cost of Rs 50,000. “We will bring the technology into operation soon,” he added. He said the technology was based on  ultrasonic sound which was prepared in such a frequency that the simians could hear the sound.

According to technicians, every animal has different capacity to perceive sound in accordance with the genetic base. They said a one-month test was carried out to experiment if the sound of the machine could affect other creatures. “We have managed to produce more machines in a large scale as the test was a success,” Khand informed.  He said the machine would produce a loud noise like that of the simians. “The monkeys can no longer stay after hearing the noise, but the sound will not affect human beings and other animals,” Khand said.

An organisation working in the field of agriculture, at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, in India, has brought ‘Harmony Queue’ machine into operation to chase monkeys in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Monkey menace is not only a problem in Nepal. Some developed countries like Japan, China and India are facing the same problem. In Japan, a campaign was launched to plant fruit saplings in the jungle while in China, monkey-friendly fruit saplings were planted in the jungle areas. Similarly, Rs 15 billion was allocated to take the monkeys under control in Telangana, India.


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