Newa body decries politics in local bodies

KATHMANDU: Newa Jagaran Manch (NJM) has demanded the government create such an environment in autonomous bodies that local body employees are able to perform their duties without political interference and control from the centre.

A statement issued here today by the NJM said that frequent halts to garbage collection are the result of politics in the delivery of essential services.

"The government does not seem serious about resolving the demands of the local employees," the statement said, adding, "The government's dilly-dallying has created more problems in this sector."

The NJM further accused the government of not "deploying employees of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City properly."

"Rather than deploying the KMC staff in a proper way, the government has been deploying security personnel whose main duty is to maintain peace and security in society," it added.

It further said that the government should meet the "genuine demands" of the agitators, while the sector concerned should take necessary action in case somebody is found to be disturbing the regular work by putting forward irrational demands.

The garbage collection has halted a number of times so far. Despite warnings from agitating local body unions, garbage collection in the Kathmandu valley resumed on December 29 with help from the police force.

About 300 personnel from Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force are involved in the collection of waste.