No ambulance service for 4 months in Geruwa of Bardia

BARDIA: Geruwa Rural Municipality of Bardia district has been facing difficulty in running ambulance service for the past four months after the ambulance of the local Community Health Service Centre broke down.

The ambulance was bought five years ago with the financial support of Bardia National Park, National Trust for Nature Conservation, Chhatiwan Community Forest Users Committee, among other organisations.

Mohan Bahadur GC, the Centre In-charge said that they have not been able to repair the ambulance due to lack of funds, which has led to a halt in the only ambulance service. This has been causing problems to the locals in cases of emergency.

"We get phone calls from people at night pleading for the ambulance. But we are helpless, unable to do anything other than say sorry for the ambulance service not being available at present," GC said.

GC further added, they have informed the rural municipality office of the problem and asked for funds to repair the ambulance. But the office has turned a deaf ear to their request.