No election fever in Mushahar settlement

LAHAN, SIRAHA: Though the election fever has touched every nooks and corner of the district, the Mushahar settlement of Naraha Rural Municipity-1 in the district has still not touched by it.

The underprivileged locals have complained that none of the political parties and their candidates have come to seek their votes.

A local Jani Sada said that they were not aware of casting votes in the upcoming election even as the second phase of federal and provincial elections slated for December 7 in is only three days. The area falls under Province-2.

She added that the settlement lacks almost all basic facilities required for commoners. "We don’t have electricity, radio, television, schools, medical, shops and, roads and any means of generating income."

There are 120 households in the settlement and all are living under the poverty line.