Kathmandu, January 10 The DNA sample of one parent of Nirmala Panta is enough to cross-check the authenticity of the vaginal swab of Nirmala Panta who was raped and murdered on July 26, experts told this correspondent. After questions were raised over the authenticity of Nirmala’s vaginal swab, Nepal Police yesterday took the DNA sample of Nirmala’s mother Durga Devi.  Experts say it is not necessary to cross-check the DNA sample of Nirmala’s father Yagya Raj now. Many rights activists have suspected the authenticity of vaginal swab collected from the body of Nirmala, which was found half sunk in a sugarcane field on July 27. DSP Dilli Raj Bista and other police officers of Kanchanpur district who had overseen the preliminary investigation face accusation of botching up the probe and destroying some crucial evidence. Chief of DNA unit at Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Dinesh Kumar Jha told THT  that it was not necessary to take DNA samples of both parents to cross-check the authenticity of the  DNA samples collected from the body of  Nirmala. He said the DNA sample of Nirmala’s mother would be enough to cross-check the authenticity. Jha said, “The police can seek DNA sample of both parents if they treat the father as a suspect or need to check his biological relationship with his daughter. But checking biological relationship through DNA is not recommended because it raises moral questions.” He added that the DNA of both male and female profiles collected from the cells of the vaginal swab of Nirmala were extracted and had been preserved safely and could be saved for years. Superintendent of Police Kuber Kathayat, who heads Kanchanpur District Police, had a few days ago called supporters of Nirmala to convince her parents to give their DNA  samples to the police. Durga Devi provided the blood sample yesterday after filing a written application at the District Police Office. He also said Nirmala’s mother’s DNA sample was collected as per her wish. Police said they had collected DNA samples of 11 persons so far. A source, however, told THT that police had collected blood samples of more than 30 people.  A close aide of Nirmala’s father said Yagya Raj was reluctant to give his DNA sample as he suspected that the police might botch up his  DNA test as well. Nirmala’s body was found in a sugarcane field with the lower half submerged in water. When police arrived at the crime scene, they did very little to protect whatever evidence was left at the crime scene.