No-trust motion against Bagmati CM tabled


Bagmati Provincial Assembly is set to start discussion on the no-trust motion registered against Chief Minister Dormani Poudel from February 1.

The no-confidence motion filed against Poudel at the Province Assembly on December 20 was tabled in the Province Assembly today.

Former minister of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Arun Nepal had filed the no-trust motion against the CM. The motion has signatures of 45 lawmakers close to Pushpa Kamal Dahal-Madhav Kumar Nepal of Nepal Communist Party (NCP). With the date fixed for discussion in the PA, parties have started their internal preparations. After the motion was tabled, speaker Sanu Shrestha adjourned the meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 1.

Bagmati Province has 110 lawmakers. Fifty-six voters are required for the passage of the no-trust motion. Main opposition leader Nepali Congress has an important role to play.

The NC, though, has not taken its decision for or against the motion. Dahal-Nepal group is likely to make Astalaxmi Shakya the next candidate for the chief minister. In the year 2018, Dormani Poudel was elected as the parliamentary party leader of the party and Shakya had to face defeat.