Number of diarrhoea, cholera patients down

Rautahat, June 22:

A team from the Communicable Disease Control Division of the Department of Health Services today arrived at Gaidatar village of Chandranigahpur in Rautahat district and collected samples of drinking water there. Two persons died of diarrhoea and cholera in the village yesterday.

“The team comprising three members including Dr Bindeshwor Prasad Yadav and Dr Resam Lamichhane took the samples and is providing treatment to patients,” INSEC representative Bipin Gautam said. Seventy diarrhoea patients are undergoing treatment at the local primary health centre, 30 at private clinics and 25 at their houses, he added.

Drinking water sources were found to be contaminated by excessive waste material and remains of animal carcasses, Dr Lamichhane said. Pointing out that diarrhoea patients range from children to the elderly, he said, “Though the number of patients suffering from the disease is decreasing, the disease itself has not come under control.”

“Details will be ascertained after tests of the drinking water samples,” Dr Lamichhane said, adding, “As we have sufficient medicine, the disease ought to be controlled at the earliest.”

A local social worker Dev Prasad Timilsina said, “Though local health workers are trying their best to treat the patients, the disease has not come under control.” He said the disease has gripped the entire village and some patients suffering badly have gone to Birgunj for treatment.

“Though the disease has acquired epidemic proportions and claimed the lives of two persons, neither the CDO nor the chief of Gaur hospital is showing concern,” said Pravas Bikram Thapa, a student leader.

“Patients were treated today after purchasing medicines with Rs 75,000 provided by the VDC,” Maoist area secretary Ekraj Thapa said.

Chief of the District Ayurved Health Centre Dr Santosh Kumar Thakur said: “The number of patients is coming down.”