Okhaldhunga faces drinking water crisis

Okhaldhunga, July 16

Mismanaged pipelines have caused a dearth of drinking water in the district headquarters of Okhaldhunga.

Water crisis surfaced in the area after pipelines were installed in a haphazard manner. Roads have been dug in various places to install water pipelines. Transport services have also been obstructed due to unplanned digging of the roads.

Locals accused the drinking water consumer committee and concerned authority of paying no heed despite frequent complaints to the authority regarding acute shortage of water in the area.

Meanwhile, Treasurer of Okhaldhunga Drinking Water and Sanitation Consumers Committee, Rupesh Shakya, said the water crisis had surfaced as water sources were damaged.

“Problems have occurred as the water sources are at high risk of landslides during the monsoon season,” he said.

Sources at the committee said the water crisis had hit the headquarters the hardest as the reserve tanks in the area do not have enough capacity to cater to the rising population. Water is supplied to over 600 households of the area from the reserve tanks with the capacity of 400,000 litres.

A monitoring team of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Office had reached the consumers’ houses after various complaints were lodged regarding irregularities in water distribution and unmanaged pipelines. Chief of the drinking water and sanitation division office Kamal Raj Shrestha said the water woes could be solved if meter boxes and water distribution are managed in the area.