Toxic food leaves 10 ill

ITAHARI: Ten members of a family fell critically ill when they consumed poisonous food in Sunsari's Chimadi VDC on Thursday, the Inaruwa-based Sunsari District Hospital said. They had eaten bread and other foodstuff during the Chauthi parva. Dukhi Lal Sardar, Sukhiyadevi, Dulari Devi, Juna Devi, Siwa, Saraswati, Parvati, Pooja and Karuna Sardar were among those to have been ill. — HNS

Emergency landing

BIRATNAGAR: An Agni Air plane made an emergency landing at the Biratnagar airport on Friday after a red light was spotted in the cockpit immediately after the aircraft take off. The plane was flying to Kathmandu. Pilot RK Siddhi landed the plane when he noticed the danger. A staffer of the airlines guessed a bird could have got into the engine. Biratnagar airport chief Sudip Chaudhari said the decision of the pilot to land it immediately was wise. Pilots and staffers inspected the plane till late evening but could not figure out what had gone wrong. An engineer is looking into it on Saturday. Twenty-eight passengers were on board the plane. — HNS