Over 12,000 billy goats brought to Tanahun for Dashain festival


Over 12,000 billy goats have been brought to urban areas of Tanahun including Damauli, the district headquarters for Dashain this year. The number has gone down compared to the last year.

Over 14,000 billy goats were brought for sale to urban areas of the district last year, according to trader Bal Bahadur BK. Besides Damauli, billy goats have been kept on sale in Tanahun’s Aanbukhaireni, Dulegaunda, Khairenitar, Bhimad, Dumre, Bandipur, Turture and Tharpu.

Another trader, Nip Bahadur Sunar said that less number of billy goats was brought to the district this year in view of the shrinking market due to the impact of COVID-19. Customers have complained that the price of mutton has remained expensive this year.

Traders have also brought mountain goats from Pokhara and other places in Tanahun. Sunar said he had brought nine mountain goats to Damauli.

Of them, only seven are left to be sold.

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