Over a dozen villages in Mahottari district have been inundated as swollen local rivers have entered settlements.

Flood waters from local rivers Ratu, Badahari, Oksi, Kutameshowri, Maraha, Jangha and Banke have entered the settlements along the river banks including Ratabara, Bakhari, Bela, Ramaul, Bajarahi, Dhawauli, Malibara, Khaira and Bhimthhamore.

Similarly, Jaleshwor and Shankar Chowk have also been inundated.

Swollen Ratu river has eroded Bahawa area, roads and farmlands, said a local Kaushalendra Sharma.

Transportation along Bardibas-Ramgopalpur-Jaleshwor road has been affected. As a result of the flooding, paddy sapling plantation has been affected in the area.

"There is a problem of flooding every year. Apart from that, farmers are facing scarcity of seeds and fertilizers. Houses and farmlands have been eroded. We farmers are always in trouble," said Ainul Rain of Bhangaha Municipality-6.