Nepal | February 22, 2019

Panel to look for vital historical documents

Jagdishor Panday

Kathmandu, October 2

The Delegated Management and Government Assurance Committee of the National Assembly today formed a five-member sub-committee to look for historical documents of national importance, trace Nepal’s maps of various periods and find laws that contradict the constitution.

The sub-committee, for example, will look for maps of Nepal of various periods, including the map of ‘Greater Nepal’, find the original copy of Sugauli Treaty signed between Nepal and India in 1816, trace laws prepared during Licchavi era and go through libraries and national archives to find other historically important documents.

The initiative is being taken at a time when there are complaints that the map of Nepal printed on government logos does not depict the country’s actual geographical area. The sub-committee will find out how Nepal’s map changed over the years and look for other historical documents that are not in its possession.

“It is sad that Nepal does not have the original copy of the Sugauli Treaty. However, the British government has it in its museum. We must look for ways to get it back,” said Ram Narayan Bidari, chairman of the delegated management committee who also heads the sub-committee formed today. Other members of the sub-committee are Radheshyam Adhikari, Suman Pyakurel, Balaram Baskota and Bina Pokharel.

“The sub-committee will look for other historical documents of importance to Nepal in other countries as well,” said Adhikari.

The sub-committee will also look for laws, regulations and other legal documents that contradict the constitution promulgated in September 2015.

“If we come across such laws, regulations and legal documents we will propose necessary amendments,” said Bidari.

The sub-committee will also find out whether the prime minister and government ministers practise what they preach. “For this, we will go through speeches they have delivered and responses they have made in the Parliament,” said Adhikari.

The sub-committee has been given a November 1 deadline to prepare a concept paper to conduct these studies. The full committee will then discuss the content of the concept paper and decide how to proceed.


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