Pathlaiya-Birgunj road-widening drive halted

Bara, May 3

Locals from Jitpur in Jitpursimara sub-metropolis have halted the six-lane road-widening move along the under-construction Pathlaiya-Birgunj road demanding reparation in Bara.

The road widening campaign has been halted along the 1.1 km road in the main bazaar area of Jitpur due to the agitation.

Though Jitpur Simara sub-metropolis officials and project officials tried to forge consensus with the locals several times, their efforts have gone in vain so far.

Project chief Rabindra Lal Das said they were facing a hard time as the people’s representatives stood in favour of compensation for demolishing the huts and shanties. “There is a provision of compensation for huts and shanties built before 1976, but there is no provision for those built after that date,” said Das.

Jitpur folks were demanding compensation stating they were provided with the reparation while the road along Jitpur bazaar was widened to four lanes from two. However, the project has urged the public to extend cooperation and support to demolish the huts and shanties as there would be no compensation at all.

A meeting among local leaders, people’s representatives and project officials held at Pathlaiya office of the project said they were close to solving the prolonged problems.

Rambabu Gupta, Ward No 7 chairperson of the municipality mulled taking forward the road construction move in coordination with and help of locals and stakeholders.