Patients have been facing problems after local roads leading to towns were obstructed due to continuous rainfall in Bajura.

According to Bajura Health Office, taking patients to health facilities has become a daunting task due to road obstruction in all nine local levels of the district.

The Sanphe-Martadi road that connects Bajura with other districts has been obstructed due to landslides at Aamkot since the monsoon started.

Mayor of Badimalika Municipality Padam Baduwal said that the relatives of patients were compelled to take them to the hospital putting their lives at risk.

More than 30-km road was damaged in four local levels in the northern part of Bajura and Martadi-Kolti road section that connects Humla and Mugu.

Bal Bahadur Rokaya, a local of Badimalika Municipality said they were compelled to carry patients on their backs to the health facility.

He said that the roads were damaged ever since the monsoon started. All the roads in the nine local levels of the district are damaged and transportation has been obstructed.

Locals said that no initiative was taken to open the obstructed roads. They said that they could not take patients to the health facility on time due to damaged roads. Another local at Khaptadchhededaha Rural Municipality Dan Bahadur Rokaya said that it was very difficult to carry patients through the landslide-damaged road.

Martadi-Ghatamuna Road section that connects Gaumul Rural Municipality was also damaged. Chairman Hari Bahadur Rokaya of the municipality said patients in critical condition were at high risk of losing their lives due to the damaged roads. He added that the prices of daily essentials had also increased due to the same reason.

The locals in remote areas of Himali, Swamikartik and Jagannath rural municipalities have been worst hit by the road obstruction. Assistant Chief District Officer Samir Bhandari said preparations were under way to clear the obstructed roads at the earliest.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 12 2021, of The Himalayan Times.