People eagerly await election results

Kathmandu, December 8

Curious about the progress of vote count, hundreds of people have gathered on the street outside the City Hall in Kathmandu.

Curious party leaders and cadres thronged the street for live vote count updates from the building where vote count is going on. Some of them have been standing there since early morning today.

“I came here in the morning. I didn’t want to stay at home and could not wait to watch or hear  updates from the media. It’s worth being here,” said Govardan Khadka of Kapan.

Some of them are here after their office on their way home. Dayaram Lamsal from the crowd said he had just arrived.

“I was returning home from work. But I just felt that I should come here  to see what was going on,” said Lamsal.

“We are excited to hear election results. Being here just gives us an opportunity to receive the information firsthand,” said Khadka.

It’s not only curiosity, but for some, it’s temptation to make some money that has pulled them here. Rima Khatri of Dolakha, a temporary resident of Maitidevi, has joined the crowd with her cart filled with peanuts. “There are thousands of people here and this is an opportunity to make some money by selling my peanuts to them. While I am doing my business, I am also getting those updates. Actually, I am getting double benefits,” said Khatri.

For Kiran Moktan, 39, of Jorpati, it is an opportunity to meet her friends. “It is very exciting to hear election results while with friends. We get to hang around and chat, discuss and make comments in group about election results. Had I stayed at home I would not have had this much fun,” said Moktan.

Youths make up a large chunk of the crowd.  “I came here to see what the atmosphere is like. As I am here to hear poll results being announced live,” shared Puskar Nepal, 22, from Budhanilkantha.

“Compared to last elections, not many people have come here. But the crowd is definitely going to swell once vote count gets in full swing. People are making their predictions about the winners,” said Aayush Nepal, 22, also from Budhanilkantha.

However, people assembled in the area complained that the place was poorly managed.

“There should have been a digital board placed here that would show election results. It would have been better if timely updates were announced. The results are announced through mic which is loud and clear enough for this large, noisy crowd,” said Puskar.