PM not satisfied with govt performance

Our party leaders have not been able to effectively defend the govt’s policies in Parliament and public fora

Kathmandu July 5

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who is also the co-chairperson of Nepal Communist Party (NCP),  admitted in a party meeting today that  he was not satisfied with his government’s performance.

At the party’s standing committee meeting held in Baluwatar, the PM told party colleagues that the government had taken good initiatives, but due to the opposition’s attempt to create obstacles against the wishes of the electorate, the government had not been able to achieve the desired results.

“We have taken good initiatives, but our party leaders have not been able to effectively defend the government’s policies in the Parliament and other public fora,” a Nepal Communist Party (NCP) leader, who attended the meeting, said.

The PM said many leaders and lawmakers had raised concerns about budgetary allocations, but the government was not in a position to satisfy all of them because the government had limited resources and it had the duty of striking a balance in all areas of the country.

The PM added that party leaders could not even defend the government’s decision to prohibit certain places for protesters. “I urge you all not to be swayed by opposition leaders. There is no need to be defensive because the government has not made any mistake,” the leader quoted the PM as telling the meeting.  Another NCP Co-Chair, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, supported Oli’s statement in the meeting.

Some party leaders, including BhimRawal, criticised the ministers, saying they were guided by their narrow political interests rather than the larger interests of the public.

Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport RaghubirMahaseth claimed that he had no differences with Home Minister Ram BahadurThapa as reported by the media.

Rawal and some other leaders raised the issue of the formation of provincial police in Province 2. Some leaders supported Rawal’s statement, saying the federal government should have a say in the formation of provincial police as long as Provincial Police Act was not enacted.

Some leaders complained that the party’s popularity had dipped due to flawed budget and weak performance of the government.

According to NCP leader Mani Thapa, today’s meeting entrusted the party  secretariat with a duty of finalising the issues related to the party’s statute and regulations on the basis of suggestions of the task force formed  to conclude party unification at the lower levels.