PM pledges timely statute, bids farewell to US envoy

KATHMANDU:Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Wednesday said that the government

would soon reshuffle the special committee on army integration that was formed by the UCPN-Maoist- led government.

PM Nepal further informed that the technical committee created under the special committee would continue its task on the army integration.

The PM, speaking at a programme to bid farewell to American Ambassador

Nancy J Powell, said that he was committed to take the peace process to a logical conclusion and draft the constitution within the stipulated deadline.

Ambassador Powell is leaving to her home country as she has completed her tenure in Nepal. According to PM Nepal’s foreign affairs advisor Rajan Bhattarai, the PM informed

Powell about his commitment to the peace process and the drafting of the new constitution.

“The relations among the political parties is slowly but surely improving and all are committed to draft the new constitution,” advisor Bhattarai quoted the PM as

saying. The PM told her that the government would bring relief packages to the people through the policies and programmes for the new fiscal.

The duo also discussed about the discharge of the minors from the different PLA cantonments. According to Bhattarai, the PM informed that the process to discharge minors from the cantonments had already started.