PM promises to conduct elections at the earliest

Kathmandu, October 24:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today said Nepal remains committed to take democratic procedures to the desired destination by holding the constituent assembly (CA) elections at the earliest.

In a message on the occasion 62nd anniversary of the United Nations today, the PM said, “As we are engaged in transforming Nepal into a peaceful, full-fledged democratic and prosperous country through a peaceful and democratic path, we blissfully acknowledge the UN role, especially the monitoring of arms and technical support to hold CA polls.”

Prime Minister Koirala also reiterated Nepal’s “profound faith and confidence” in the UN Charter and expressed the determination to work for the protection of human dignity and worth of all individuals without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, language, colour or creed.

He underscored Nepal’s “long-standing” participation in the UN Peacekeeping Operations, despite “pressing engagements at home and currently as the fourth largest troop-contributing country,” stands as a clear manifestation of Nepal’s commitment to the core principles of the UN.