PM reiterates commitment to hold polls on schedule

Kathmandu, March 23:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today assured human rights activists that Constituent Assembly election would be held on the scheduled date.

“The Prime Minister told us that the government would create favourable environment to hold the CA election at any cost on April 10,” former member of the National Human Rights Commission, Sushil Pyakurel, told this daily after meeting the PM.

“He told us that the government would do the needful to improve the security situation,” Pyakurel added.

With an aim to draw the government’s attention over the deteriorating human rights situation and the worsening environment for the election, a few human rights activists, including Pyakurel, met Koirala this morning.

“We told the PM that the human rights situation is not satisfactory, as attacks on poll candidates are continuing,” Pyakurel said, adding the PM, in reply, assured them that he would look into these problems.

“We urged the PM to improve the security and the rights situation as the Maoists and several armed and non-armed groups have been spoiling the poll environment,” he added.