Police set free suspects in Nirmala rape and murder case

DHANGADI: Bishal Chaudary, one of the suspects taken into custody 18 days ago in connection with Panta rape and murder case has been released by authorities after a negative DNA report cleared him of the charges.

Prior to this, another suspect Dinesh Chaudary also came clean out of detention. However, law enforcement officers are yet to release Pradip Rawal whose preliminary statement had led to arrests of the Chaudary duo.

Bishal, who was set free on Saturday was immediately flown back to Kanchanpur and was handed over to his parents, Deputy Superintendent of Police Krishna Raj Ojha informed.

Chaudary who was arrested on a petty theft charge on the day of Nirmala’s rape and murder and later detained on suspicions of involvement in the heinous crime has been cleared following a DNA test, officials say.

Earlier, reports had surfaced that Chaudary confessed to the crime. But, according to Chaudary he pleaded guilty in police custody in fear after officials inflicted torture on him.

“Yet again the authorities have made a mistake of using fear and torture to frame an innocent,” Activist Sarada Chand said.

However, DSP Ojha downplayed the accusations and said Bishal was taken to Kathmandu along with his parents for questioning.

“Accusations of police torturing Bishal to force him to plead guilty are false,” the DSP said while adding that Chaudary’s DNA report might have been verified at Kathmandu prior his release.

“We (officials at Kanchanpur) have not yet received the results of the DNA test of suspects,” DSP Ojha added.

Meanwhile, Kanchanpur police informed that preparations were on to take action on the FIRs lodged by Nirmala’s mother and kin of falsely accused Dilip Singh Bista against police officers involved in the preliminary investigation into the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta of Kanchanpur.