Poll date will be fixed soon: Mahat

Kavre, October 12:

Finance minister Dr Ram Saran Mahat said here today that the new date for the constituent assembly polls will be fixed soon.

Speaking to journalists at a gathering of party cadres, Mahat accused the Maoists of causing the postponement of the polls and calling the special session of the parliament without consent of other parties.

“The polls were postponed because the Maoists tried to move the goal post,” he said.

Stating that the government has been making preparations to announce the date for the polls, he said, “The key demands of the Maoists — announcement of a republic and adoption of a fully proportional representation electoral system — were also forwarded without reaching an agreement.”

“The Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML will not agree with the Maoists’ proposals,” he said, claiming that the activities of sister organisations of the Maoists have disrupted the peace process.

“The government is planning to hold talks with all parties to tide the nation over the transitional phase,” he said, adding, “The government will fix the date for the CA polls after holding talks with all political parties.” He said that the polls may be held in March.

Pointing at the Maoists’ proposal for constitutional amendment, he said, “The Maoists need two-thirds majority to amendment the constitution.

They will not get support of other parties for this.” He said that the CA will decide the fate of monarchy.