Poudel stresses on promoting alternative energy

Pokhara, March 4

Minister for Finance Bishnu Poudel today stressed on promoting alternative sources of energy in the light of recent sufferings caused by fuel shortages due to the months-long blockade at border entry points.

Inaugurating the National Industrial Trade fair 2072 organised by Pokhara Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Minister Poudel said the budget for the upcoming fiscal would give top priority to the development of alternative energy sources in the country.

“If we can generate adequate energy, we will not have to face hard time due to fuel crunch again. We fought for our rights for decades. As the new constitution has guaranteed us our rights, it is now time for us to expedite development,” he said.

“We want to strengthen our relationships with both our close neighbours. Prime Minister Oli’s visit to China within a few weeks will help set a new milestone in the bilateral ties between the two countries,” he claimed.

Minister Poudel also said that the government wanted to work together with the private sector. “This year, we are working to start construction of various big projects like east-west railway, international regional airports and hydro power projects, among others,” he said.

Minister Poudel also stated that the government would soon sign a loan agreement with China’s Exim Bank for the construction of Pokhara Regional International Airport.