Prachanda warns of peaceful uprising from April 6

Rupandehi, February 9:

Maoist chairman Prachanda today said that if the constituent assembly polls were deferred again, his party would begin a revolution from April 6.

Alleging that reactionary forces were trying to scuttle the CA polls, Prachanda said that they were trying to engineer a Tarai-like unrest in the hill regions. Addressing the third annual convention of the pro-Maoist All Nepal teachers’ Association, he said, “We will begin a peaceful revolution from April 6 if the CA polls are postponed.”

“Begin revolution from April 6. This time, it will be a peaceful revolution steered by the Maoists,” Prachanda directed his cadres. He added that agitation in Tarai was aimed at marring the Maoists’ agenda and admitted that the Maoists had lost some ground in Tarai.

“Conspiracies are afoot to weaken us in the hill regions too,” he said, adding that people of the hill regions were behind the Maoists. Accusing foreign forces of conspiring against the Maoists and trying to hinder Nepal’s development, he said that king Gyanendra’s latest comments were prompted by these foreign forces.

“The king has not spoken on his own. Alarmed at the radical changes in Nepal, these forces held a meeting and instigated the king to make these comments,” said Prachanda.

He added that the latest challenge before the seven parties was to publicly counter the king’s arguments.

The political changes in Nepal would give a new message and direction to the world’s communist movement, he said, adding if the left forces were defeated in the CA polls, no communist movement in the world would be able to raise its head. He also accused the big media houses based in Kathmandu of running an anti-Maoist campaign and trying to prejudice public opinion against his party.