Popular Nepali folk singer Prakash Saput's new song 'Mero Pani Haina Ra Yo Desh' (Isn't this country mine too?) is trending number one in YouTube Nepal after the video was made public on the streaming site.

The video song which was released on Friday evening in Saput's YouTube channel has gained more than 11,501,596 views by the time this update was filed.

Saput raises the issue of national unity and cultural diversity in the song, with expression of pride and grievances towards the nation.

"All Nepalis should be able to live with pride in the country, and nobody should feel they are non-citizens is the message the song tries to deliver," says the singer, composer and musician Saput.

The video is based on a nationwide talent hunt programme where a group called 'Anagarik Samuha' (non-citizens group) led by Saput competes. The song has been sung and composed by Saput.

Prakash is supported in the chorus by singers Devendra Bablu, Sunil BK, among others. Furthermore, he conceptualised and directed the video himself.