Precaution adopted at Chhinnamasta temple

Rajbiraj, March 21

Amidst fear caused by the coronavirus pandemic, especial precaution has been taken targeting devotees who visit famous Chhinamasta temple in Saptari to pay obeisance to the goddess.

While a health desk has been set up at the temple to check the health of devotees, washing hands with soap and water has been made compulsory for them before entering the temple for puja or to offer prayers to the goddess. “As the temple draws hundreds of visitors every day, we have adopted special precaution from Friday against the coronavirus,” said Mahakanta Thakur, who is the pithadhis of the temple.

“The health desk keeps records of the visitors, inquires about any suspected symptoms such as cough, fever and throat and measures their temperature as well.

Besides, it also informs the visitors about ways to stay safe from the deadly virus,” said Thakur.

While the temple has implemented one-door policy allowing devotees through only one door, provision has been put in place to make sure that the devotees stand in line three feet apart to prevent possible infection.

“Similarly, the priests who conducting the puja inside the temple have been told to wear masks all the time and take precaution,” said Thakur, who is also the acting chairperson of the Temple Protection Promotion Committee.

Both the committee members as well as volunteers have been mobilised to ensure the implementation of precautionary measures.