President Bidya Devi Bhandari has visited different shrines in Kathmandu and offered worships to the goddesses on the occasion of Mahaastami (the eighth day of the Bada Dashain) on Wednesday.

On the occasion, President Bhandari had extended Dashain greetings and best wishes to the priests and general public present at temples and shrines.

The Mahaatsmi festival is especially considered a day to pay homage to the Goddess Durga. The Head-of-the-State had offered prayers at Naxal -based temple of Goddess Durga at 4.30 pm today.

On the occasion, the President had extended best wishes to the priests, their families and the general public for their happiness, peace and prosperity on the occasion of Bijaya Dashami.

Priest Khagendra Niraula had offered Prasad and tika to President Bhandari and suggested the head-of-the-state to explore the minerals of the country for economic development and optimally utilize the available resources and means.

Also on the occasion, main priest of the temple, Nilik Maharjan had apprised President Bhandari of decrepit condition of the historical spouts on the premises.

The President had also visited the temples, including Maitidevi, Guheswori, Kalikasthan, Shova Bhagawati and paid homage to the goddesses.

Earlier today, the head-of-the-state had visited the goddess Durga temple in Panchkhal municipality-9, Palanchowk in Kavrepalanchowk and offered worships there.

According to the religious belief, there is a crowd of devotees in shrines throughout the country including in the Kathmandu Valley on the eighth day of the 10-day Bada Dashain.