Priest thrashed for practising ‘witchcraft’

PARASI: Ramdev Yadav Sathi of Sunwal VDC allegedly thrashed a priest, Tulasi Prasad Upadhyaya, on Wednesday and kept him in confinement for three days, blaming him for his wife’s illness.

“He invited me to his house on Wednesday, thrashed me and locked me for three days, accusing me of practising witchcraft. I managed to flee on Friday,” Upadhyaya

said, adding, “I cannot hear properly due to the physical attack.”

“He has threatened me of dire consequences if his wife did not get well. My life is in danger,” Upadhyaya alleged.

He has filed a case against Yadav at the District Police Office, Nawalparasi.

Meanwhile, local villagers demonstrated in district headquarters Parasi today demanding action against Yadav. They also claimed that the police were not taking action against Yadav, as he was connected to a Constituent Assembly member. They also halted vehicular traffic on the East-West Highway.

Police Inspector Shyam Prasad Sen said they were trying to settle the dispute through consensus.

“We could not settle the dispute today because Yadav was not present in today’s meeting called by the police,” Sen said. He added that the case would be solved tomorrow. “The said CA member has agreed to send Yadav to District Police Office tomorrow. We will hold talks with both sides and settle the dispute,” Sen added.