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Protests against amendment bill intensify in Western, Mid-Western Nepal

Rastriya Samachar Samiti
butwal protest against Constitution amendment bill

Locals of Butwal take to the streets against the government proposal to redo the boundary of Province No. 5, on Wednesday, November 30, 2016. Photo: RSS

PYUTHAN: Protests have started in Pyuthan and Rolpa against the proposal in Constitution amendment bill to split the Province No. 5.

People of this region have termed the bill ‘impractical’ as it has proposed to disintegrate the hilly region within the earlier proposed Province No. 5 from the Tarai. The Pyuthan-Rolpa Struggle Committee coordinator Mukti Prasad Sharma said protests would continue until the government withdrew the bill.

District-based political parties, both from the ruling and opposition sides, have lambasted the Constitution amendment proposal.

A special meeting of district-based leaders and lawmakers from the Province No. 5 has been scheduled for tomorrow in the wake of the registration of the bill at the House, according to CPN Maoist Centre leader Krishna Adhikari (Prakash).

Demonstrators attempt to intercept Finance Minister

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara, who reached his home district Rolpa on Wednesday for some family works, was intercepted during his return to Kathmandu by locals of Rolpa and Pyuthan, who have come to the streets against the Constitution amendment bill registered in Parliament.

Although Mahara was asked to address the demonstrations to be launched on Thursday morning by the protesters, he reportedly declined the request and returned to Kathmandu on Wednesday night, said journalist Dinesh Subedi from Rolpa.

Locals of both Rolpa and Pyuthan accused Minister Mahara of keeping silent about the Constitution amendment proposal.

Palpa goes on strike

Meanwhile, Palpa is shut today against the government proposal in the Constitution amendment bill to exclude the district from the Province No. 5 and include it in the Province No. 4. The district was shut following a joint statement issued by sister wings of various political parties calling for protests against the changes in the boundaries of the province in the Constitution amendment proposal.

District-based political parties, people’s representatives, civil society representatives and business community have resorted to protest in the street against the registered bill.

Academic institutions, factories and transport service here have remained closed since the morning.

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