Prov 7 faces operational hassles due to poor infrastructure and absence of employees

DHANGADI: A week after its formation, Province 7 government has faced difficulties in carrying out tasks due to delay in infrastructure management and absence of assigned personnel.

Out of the 125 employees delegated to various ministries in the province, only 64 have reported to duty till Friday. Moreover, due to lack of proper work-space, available personnel have not been able to work proper.

Apart from Chief Minister and Secretary, none of the employees have been assigned respective work-spaces forcing them to work from a single room in their respective ministries.

“Although eight employees have reported to duty, the ministry is facing operational difficulties due to lack of working space,” Joint Secretary at Internal Affairs and Law Ministry, Milan Bahadur KC said, “Seven out of the eight personnel are bound to work from a single room as their offices are not ready yet.”

According to Secretary Pradip Raj Kanel at Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, the daily activities have not been carried out in accordance with the Provincial Government Operational Regulations as the delegated employees fail to report to duty.