Province 2 CM unveils 11-point commitment paper

MAHENDRANAGAR, DHANUSHA: Chief Minister of Province 2, Lalbabu Raut Gaddi, has unveiled a commitment paper amid a press meet organised in his  residence in the district today.

The 11-point commitment paper aims to maintain good governance in the Province comprising eighth districts in the Tarai-Madhes.

Full implementation of good governance, adoption of a zero-tolerance policy against corruption, control of policy-level corruption and no dillydallying in execution of daily administrative activities have been promised in the paper.

Likewise, the delivery of government services to seekers within 24 hours of the demand, establishment of Hello Sarkar (the government mechanism to listen to public grievances) and provision of a toll free number to register issues have also been mentioned in the paper.

The common people could have access to electronic mediums including sending an e-mail to directly report their complaints to the Chief Minister's office to the email address

Similarly, media would be mobilised to operate a programme "the Chief Minister with the People" for straight conservations between the CM and Province people.

The province government might also carry out regular market monitoring to control black marketing and bring a required policy to regulate and systematise alcoholic beverage market and control encroachment on natural resources.