Province governors to get handsome pay and perks

Kathmandu, September 25

The government registered a new bill in the Parliament Secretariat today on the pays and perks of the governors of provinces.

The bill registered by the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers has provisioned some hefty facilities for the provincial government, which includes a 12-member private secretariat and monthly gross salary of Rs104,000.

Article 163 of the constitution has provisioned a governor in all provinces. The governor has been given the rights and duties similar to the president in the centre. As per article 166, the governor has the right to swear in the chief minister and ministers of the province, call sessions of the provincial House and certify provincial bills.

The bill has provisioned monthly salaries, other payments, residence with maintenance and furnishing, vehicle and fuel expenses to the governor. Likewise, communication facilities including phone, internet, fax and newspapers and dress allowance have also been provisioned in the bill. The governor will also get a private doctor. As per the provision, Nepal Government will bear the treatment expenditure of the governor both in the home country and aboard.  The government will also bear the expenses of an attendant for the governor during treatment. The governor will also get amount equal to a month’s salary as festival allowance.

As per the bill, the governor will get monthly salary of 64,000 and 40,000 as guest and casual expenditures. According to another provision of the bill submission of expense bills for guest reception will not be mandatory.  The bill also proposes a 10-member private secretariat for the governor, which includes chief personal secretary, joint personal secretary, under-personal secretary, and personal Officer. Similarly, secretary of photography, computer assistant, administrative assistant, accounting assistant, two drivers and two office assistants will also be provided. The governor can also appoint experts to assist him.  The bill also provisioned Rs 3,000 as daily travel allowance while visiting within the country and 250 US dollars per day for visits aboard.

The bill also gives immunity to the governor from lawsuits.  “There will be no trial in any courts regarding any work the governor does as per his position,” the bill stated.