‘Dahal’s statement reflects only party’s view’

Kathmandu, January 27

Although the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP)’s statement on the political turmoil in Venezuela, according to some observers, seems to have placed Nepal on the side of Russia and China, the government is unlikely to comment on the issue at least for now.

Nepal Communist Party Co-chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal had issued a statement on Friday denouncing the United States and its allies’ ‘intervention in the internal affairs’ of Venezuela and supporting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela plunged deeper into political crisis after opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself interim president, challenging the Maduro’s authority on Wednesday.

The US, Canada and other South American nations already back Guaido as president, while France, Spain and Germany yesterday announced they would also recognise Guaido as the leader of Venezuela if Maduro did not call elections within eight days.

On the other hand, Russia, China, Mexico and Turkey have publicly backed Maduro.

In its statement, the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) stated, “The self-declaration of Juan Guaido as acting president of Venezuela and immediate recognition of him by the US and other regional states, clearly shows the grand design against the legitimately elected President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan people.”

“It is an unacceptable intrusion in internal affairs and an attempt of an imperialist coup. US has been trying to create chaos and violence putting inhuman economic sanctions and threatening military intervention in Venezuela since the last decade. It’s a serious challenge to the United Nations Charter and Principle of Peaceful Co-existence. Therefore, we call the US and other countries to respect the principle of non-interference, national sovereignty and peaceful coexistence.”

“Nepal Communist Party (NCP) strongly opposes the act of anti-people and imperialist forces intruding in Venezuela and appeals to all the international community, the United Nations, and all the sovereign nations to stand for the solidarity and support of people of Venezuela in their struggle to defend national and people’s sovereignty,” read the statement undersigned by  Dahal.

Sources at the Prime Minister’s Office said the government was unlikely to comment on the issue, with the ruling party making public its view already.

“It is normal for an independent party like the NCP (NCP)  to have an official position on anything happening in the world,” one of the sources said. “It’s unjustified to blow it out of proportion.”

Sources at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that since it was a statement issued by the party, it could not be termed the government’s official view until it came out with its own.

“Since Nepal’s official policy is reconciliation and non-alignment, the government might wait for some more time before coming up with an official view,” one of the senior MoFA officials said.